Enterprise Imaging

We address the needs of all the image creating and using clinical specialties within and outside the healthcare system, i.e., a true enterprise approach. MTC works with your team to develop the enterprise imaging strategy and plan to acquire, store, and distribute all the other “-ologies” images and guides the implementation.

Enterprise Imaging: The big picture

  • Clinical areas defined
  • Image sharing needs identified for image import and export including current & future referral sources
  • Telehealth considerations both current & future: TeleICU, Telestroke, Telepathology, Telecardiology,…
  • Business continuity planning
  • Disaster Recovery system
  • Associated analytics
  • Governance and business models

Enterprise Imaging Scope

  • Identification of who generates the images, the technologies used, and the volumes
  • Generate current and future state workflows and retention requirements, need for cross modality priors, …

Enterprise Imaging Strategy

  • Method to associate image data with demographics and other contextual information
  • Identify priorities/timing of other “-ologies”
  • Determine project phasing
  • Refine workflows and identify impact on image acquiring technologies, e.g., endoscopes, cameras, …
  • Determine image storage architecture
  • Determine “-ology” workstations, enterprise viewers

Enterprise Imaging Implementation

  • Storage system RFP’s
  • Other “-ologies” RFP’s for acquisition, workstations, viewers.
  • Proposal Assessment
  • Site visits
  • Selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Installation and training
  • Go-live Support

For more information view the Enterprise Imaging Brochure , see Enterprise Imaging articles or email us.