2011 Summary EHR Incentive Payment Data by State and Provider

CMS released the 2011 EHR Incentive Program Payments data. Recipients were those hospitals and providers demonstrating and attesting to Meaningful Use of an EHR satisfying the program’s Stage 1 requirements. A wealth of data has been provided, starting with a summary per state and proceeding to finer detail ending with individual provider payments.

The state breakdown of Medicare and Medicaid payments for 2011 shows 11 states receiving more than $75M in payments: Florida; Illinois; Kentucky; Lousianna; Michigan; New York; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Texas; and Wisconsin. In total more than $2.5B in payments were made under the program to eligible professionals (EP’s), eligible hospitals (EH’s), and critical access hospitals across the United States. Clicking on the map shows the payments across states and the detailed payment breakdown is in the
Chart of Combined EHR Payments by State

The next level of breakout shows the Medicare and Medicaid Provider payments by state, program type and provider type. For example, in the state of Florida, 987 EP’s received $17.M in Medicare payments and 51 hospitals registered for both the Medicare and Medicaid programs received $133.3M in Medicare programs. Clicking on the image will retrieve a pdf file for all states and both the Medicare and Medicaid program payments.

The last level of detail regarding the EHR incentive payments shows who has been paid under the Medicare program: both hospitals; and eligible providers. The list of those receiving Medicaid payments under the EHR Incentive Program is not published since the HITECH act only requires publishing the Medicare recipients.