CMS 1Q 2012 EHR Provider Payments Reports Show who Received the $4.5B in Incentive Payments

CMS has updated the EHR Incentive Program Payments showing provider payments from the start of the program in January 2011 through March 2012. Looking at the Combined Medicare and Medicaid Payments by State Graph shows Texas, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and Ohio to be the top four recipients. Texas’s payments are dominated by Medicaid payments.

CMS data showing Medicare and Medcaid Incentive Provider Payments by State, Program Type and provider Type is shown at the right. Looking at Texas, 2,872 Eligible Providers and 90 Eligible Hospitals received total of $198M under the Medicare Incentive program. 3,382 Eligible providers and 224 Eligible Hospitals in Texas received $286M under the Medicaid Incentive Programs for a total of $484M under the two programs.

Under the HITECH act, CMS must publish the individual providers and hospitals receiving incentive payments under the Medicare program only. Eligible providers paid under the Medicare Incentive Program are listed by state as  are the Eligible Hospitals. 

previous post presents the aggregate stats through March for the incentive programs, the payments per month, and the physician specialties receiving payments.