CMS 2Q 2012 EHR Provider Payments Reports Show who Received the $6.6B

CMS has updated the EHR Incentive Program Payments to show who has received payments for demonstrating Meaningful Use of an EHR system. A graph of the combined Medicare and Medicaid Payments by State from January 2011 to July 2012 shows Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio as the top five recipients by a large margin over all other states. Texas and California received the vast majority of payments under the Medicaid program.

The details of the Combined Medicare and Medicaid Incentive Payments by State are shown in the file at the right. For example, California has a total of 1105 Eligible Providers (EP’s) and 35 Eligible Hospitals (EH’s) receiving a combined total of $38.4M through July of 2012.

Under the HITECH act, CMS must publish the individual providers and hospitals receiving incentive payments under the Medicare program only. Eligible Providers paid under the Medicare Incentive Program are listed by state as are the Eligible Hospitals. Links to the pdf files for both EP’s and EH’s paid under the program are in the images on the the right.