CMS August Monthly Report Shows MU Incentive Payments over $7.1B

The CMS August EHR Incentive Program Report shows over $7.1B in payments to hospitals and individual providers as of August 31, 2012.

Eligible Hospital (EH) participation remains strong with almost all of the 79.3% of hospitals registered receiving payments under the program. As of the end of August, 2012, payments to EH’s are $4.5B.

Eligible Professionals (EP’s) registered increased only slightly from the July report — up to 54.3% from 51.2%. Of the EP’s registered, only about half have received payments of $2.4B. This low rate of participation puts a high number of EP’s at risk for penalties that start in 2015.

Of the 74,317 physicians receiving payments under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program, 66,367 were either Doctors of Medicine or Doctors of Osteopathy. The rest were either dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, or chiropractors. CMS only breaks down the Medicare payments by specialty.

EHR incentive payments by month are shown below. The last day for EP’s to attest to receive payments for the 2011 CY is February 2013. The last day for EH’s to attest to receive payments for 2011 FY is December 2012. Subsequent reports will show how many were successful to receive the maximum EHR incentive payment.