CMS Reports over $10B Paid thru 2012 Under EHR Incentive Program

CMS reports that over $10B of Incentive Program Payments have been paid through 2012 under the Medicare and Medicaid programs to hospitals and professionals demonstrating Meaningful Use of a certified EHR system.

Hospitals continue to lead professionals in both registration and in those paid under the program. Most professionals have received payments under the Medicare program. Hospitals, which may participate in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs, have received the majority of their payments under both programs.

Of the 106,445 professionals receiving payments under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program, 96,102 are physicians. CMS is required under the HITECH act to report the details of those receiving payments under Medicare EHR Incentive Program. Specialties are reported monthly and names of the hospitals and professionals are reported quarterly.

The latest quarterly report of those receiving payments is through 3Q 2012 and may be downloaded at:
EP Recipents of medicare EHR Incentive Program Payments
EH Recipients of Medicare EHR Incentive Program Payments

The December 2012 report breaks out the physician specialties receiving payments under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. Family practitioners, internists, and cardiologists comprise almost half of all the recipients.

Monthly payments for hospitals and professionals receiving payments under the EHR incentive programs continued to increase in December 2012. The end of the attestation period to receive payments for calendar 2012 was December 2012 for Eligible Hospitals (EH’s) and will be February 2013 for Eligible Professionals (EP’s).