YTD Combined Medicare Medicaid EHR Incentive Payments by State

CMS has published the
EHR Incentive Payments 
as of 10-06-2011 by state, program type, and provider type.

The breakout lists numbers of Eligible Professionals (EP’s) and hospitals receiving payments in each state. Hospitals are designated as Medicare only, Medicaid only, or both.

Most states have both EP’s and hospitals receiving payments. 17 states had no hospitals receiving payments — just EP’s. The District of Columbia and North Dakota received no payments for either hospitals or EP’s.

A total of 10,647 EP’s and hospitals received payments amounting to just over $872M YTD. This is just the beginning. About 540,000 EP’s and 4500 hospitals have yet to demonstrate EHR meaningful use. At this time, they have by the end of 2014 to qualify for some incentive payments.