The MTC Methodology

MTC takes a system-wide approach to healthcare systems acquisition of new technology or when recurring optimization of the use of their current systems. We investigate the equipment being purchased and analyze how the new equipment fits into the clinical workflow and interfaces to the rest of the hospital systems, existing and planned.

A complete range of services is available to healthcare systems from strategic planning to implementation, including project management.

By facilitating a process that allows the stakeholders to make an informed decision, MTC makes technology and vendor selection easier. The end goal is always to satisfy their primary objectives and needs best.

Each step of the process is documented and reviewed to obtain input and consensus from all involved. The specific method is adjusted to match the needs of the individual healthcare system and project.

Typical steps include:
1. Education – State of the technology and implementation
2. Workflow Analysis –  Identify opportunities for technology
3. Technology Assessment – Match of current equipment with objectives and plans
4. Requirements Generation –  Request for Proposal (RFP)
5. Vendor Review –  Qualify vendors to receive RFP
6. Proposal Assessment –  Generate an accurate and fair vendor comparison matrix
7. Selection –  Facilitate decision process
8. Contract Negotiation –  Quantify outcomes to measure system performance
9. Implementation Support –  Support system configuration and measure performance

The Benefits of Working with an Independent Consulting Firm

As an independent consulting firm, MTC is a   clinician and hospital advocate, which reduces reliance on vendor information. 

Ensuring that all the vendors quote to the same specifications makes it easier to compare systems. MTC vendor contacts are at the headquarters level providing better insight into current and future product plans. 

Having someone at the negotiation table with recent experience with similar negotiations provides critical input to the process.